Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

  • Business & Culture Consultant
  • Coach, Trainer, Mentor
  • Peace & Human rights activist
  • Artist, story teller, traveler, author, futurist
  • Yoga, meditation and martial arts trainer
  • Life, Spiritual Projects, Business Services, Activism (Culture, Peace, Life Care), Legacy.




  • Borned in Peru, with family roots in Eurasia, China, Germanic, Nordic, Slavic countries, Spain, and Italy. Have been living abroad and living abroad traveling as an entrepreneur since 1996, with home bases in Peru, Chile, Switzerland, Germany and Finland.
  • Background in IT and Science, Multidisciplinary professional development. Multitalent. Dedicated himself for 27 years to the creation of a management know how based on human factor and nature laws, rhythms and principles, he provides as consultant, coach and trainer in the fields of self-knowledge, personal development and business.
  • Author, artist, meditation, yoga, and martial arts trainer. Peace and human rights activist. Futurist.
  • His vision is that all that humanity needs is love, consciousness, self-awareness and self responsibility in order to reach a new golden age.





  • The foundation of my spiritual teachings is that one of realizing the importance and engaging into self-knowledge an self-mastery. (Self-Knowledge)





  • I supports as well a vision of a new kind of organizations, conscious and harmoniouse with nature and peace (Life-sustainers, heritage creators), that will replace the modern culture corporation (predators, life consumers). (Strategic Leadership)





  • I dare for an age of peace, harmony, self-responsibility where in daily life human rights are observed as well as life is cared and heritage is a matter of love, as each generation life is the legacy for the next ones to come. I support global citizenship, travel, culture and family as key for a world in peace. I create a model and suggestions for culture development, social self organization, nation administration and governance with new set of human rights and peace guidelines. (Peace Work)




  • A field human kind needs so much to care of, the corner stone of human life, and the field where all that humanity needs can be learned, discovered, achieved. (Love Family & Gender)





  • Since 2015 Luis provocates human kind through the Game of the gods and the goddesses in prime self union, a role player game played on real life, type LARP, where individual or team missions are assigned online, and eventualy training is also provided. (e-Game)





Here a brief introduction to the know how i have developed and its language.


  • Video. Prime Tech for Business Intro https://vimeo.com/115822587
  • Video. LARP Game https://vimeo.com/128779442
  • Video. Prime Tech Online Training Program: https://vimeo.com/121599707
  • Video. Make it tangible 1 min https://vimeo.com/99079018
  • Video: Make it tangible https://vimeo.com/95941535
  • The 3 elements and heart tool https://vimeo.com/143598800
  • The Tree of Life Tool https://vimeo.com/142066180
  • Prime Tech Matrix 9+ https://vimeo.com/144209984
  • Volunteers program for peace https://vimeo.com/142494009
  • The 9 Minutes Trainer https://vimeo.com/142419522
  • Peace, wealth and the earth element https://vimeo.com/141682220

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