Luis  practice yoga, meditation and self-defense (emotional and body self-awareness) arts several practices (1980) since 1990. Start public teaching in 2007.

Since 1992 facilitates workshops dedicated to personal development, emotional self-management, communication and collaboration.

Lives abroad traveling since 1997, as sustainable development entrepreneur develop business projects, in the fields of arts and culture, responsible tourism, sustainability, business (corporate responsibility)

Trainer, Coach, Consultant for Business management since 2002. Provide services to entrepreneurs, small companies, NGOs and small corporations in South america and Europe (Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Germany, Italy, Russia).

Develop know how based on application of nature principles and application of self-awareness and human consciousness and perception for the enhancement of business management strategy and decision making. As well as for personal development and enhancement of family relationships. Communication, collaboration and emotional self-management have been his main focus.

Since 1987 he facilitates team building training and is in charge of design of learning process and education. Along his travels he explored in several education methods.

Since 1996 Explores in multiple arts practice, play music, improvise poetry or story and paints. In 2006 starts with the integration of all his artistic skills into body arts. Developed new body arts method, where self-awareness and emotional self-management will be applied as a preventive health practice, for body memory release and emotional self-balance, self-expression, and personal development. Invited by the world body painting festival academy, he will teach at the academy yearly since 2010.

In 2007 published several books dedicated to sustainable living, self-awareness, business management where self-education and emotional self-management is addressed. He created own education method, to be applied for adults and youth, based on learning through experiences ( a learning by doing ) and self-education.

Develops since 2013 Non violence practices, by applying meditative arts, meditation, yoga, and self defense (prime do). Dedicated to peace work since 2013. Facilitates workshops and provide arts performance, story telling, as for a call for peace.

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