L D Maldonado Fonken professional experience is grounded on his entrepreneurial projects.

Between his customers will be found CEOs from medium corporations, entrepreneurs, Professionals of many disciplines, self-employed, NGOs and students.

According to business project and stagte of development, between 1987 and 2012, the customers will vary.


Since 2012 his services will be suggested to CEOs of corporations and to team members of his own companies, both with a high IQ and EQ profile or natural abiity to apply and learn L D Maldonado Fonken body of work.

Services to sustainability networks, alternative networks, spiritual organizations, students circles, NGOs and associations wont be offered since 2013. From 2012 on, customers will be picked up and choosen by L D Maldonado Fonken, for all the services he provides and his business projects provides.

Customers Evaluation

Beneficiaries and customers of any type of service or know how or instruction or information will be picked up according to L D Maldonado Fonken preferences, rank and codex. That a customer is picked up or receive an invitation to receive a service doesnt mean yet that the customer individual or organization has the capacity and natural ability to receive the service yet: a process of evaluation of that capacity will be done http://services.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info/price/customer-evaluation/  Most of the cases by self-evaluation many guests of L D Maldonado Fonken realized where not natuarlly capable to receive apply self-recognize the knowledge, there for leaved the field of collaboration.

For example, mentoring, coaching, counceling, consultancy, training and others.

Experience between 1989-2007
Know How core development stage

Beside some students jobs, sommer jobs, volunteer and travel jobs, most of his professional activity have been associated to own companies or business projects. For example collaboration strategy or professional bi-directinal support with third party companies, professionals or organizations.

Along his travels in southamerica he might also like to collaborate with small companies and NGOs, as part of a process of experiencing the business or implementing a new service for a customer.

Some professional experiences in the travel industry where part of stealth projects dedicated to answer questions related to collaboration and human factor management, from an experiential point of view.

At every new country
Starting from zero

In Europe, some “immigrant” jobs would become a valuable experience to know the local perception of foreigners and their skills, as well as to get the “feeling” of daily life business and people at the new countries he lived in.

At every new country he lived in: Peru, Chile, Switzerland, Germany, Finnland, Austria, L D Maldonado Fonken started entrepreneurial activities to sustain his life and expand his business.

Along travel destinations, every location will include a research project, stealth project, business presentation, collaboration strategy or service.

2007 – 2016

Focus on Business consultancy, coaching and training, Germany, Europe, Russia, Finland.

In 2011 LUIS will decide to dedicate resources to peace work as the idea to collaborate with 2-5 companies with business consultancy was not fulfilling, he decided to create a new business field for himself dedicated to peace, family, culture, life care and heritage

In 2013 LUIS started his Legacy Project www.legacy.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info  and started a series of publications dedicated to bring by his knowledge, through prime language, and leave a public inheritance for future generations www.prime-language.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info  his e-books, video publications, blogs and websites published until 2015 are part of his public legacy project. The Private Legacy project has been developed by the empowerment of the Maldonado International Network, his own family ROD. The next stage of the Legacy Project is to ground a foundation.

2014 LUIS decide to relocate in Eurasia, After a spiritual archeology expedition in Russia, intent to find land in Asia, and decide for peace work reasons to stay in Finland, until 2015 December, while waiting for a residence permit associated to his technology (Prime Tech) professional services. Focus on the development of bioahacking technology, under the label Prime Humanic.

Since 2016 LUIS launches an e-learning program and new entrepreneurial projects.



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