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Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken  teaches Prime Language and English simultaneously

Luis have been traveling for 18 years in Europe, South America & Russia.As a traveler, he knows the importance of communication skills and the need of practical languages training.

As a researcher of the Prime Culture, he dedicated himself to learn several languages, and their pro to forms expressed within their grammar and sintaxis: Arabic, Russian, Japanesse, Spanish, English, German, Suomi, Sanscrit and others.

Along his research he studied for several years on symbolic language, and prime language. to discover the importance of the prime language for the research and study of the prime culture, neo polytheism, and prime technology, as well as for the practice of prime yoga.


The Odin Theta Academy teachings are based on Prime Language, symbolic language (see home page

There for the study and practice of the prime language is of key importance.

LUIS have several years experience on teaching languages and developing a languages education method, which is highly effective (9lessons for communication). With this background, several languages will be integrated into the teaching of prime language and symbolic language, by applying the 9 lessons method.

Since 2011 Luis teaches only prime language and symbolic language, along training on english for example. as English is key for international communication and collaboration with students and team members that learn and apply prime technology.

Here the background and experience of LUIS as language teacher until 2011.

Time Line

Since 2000 he teaches languages to travelers, small business corporate customers and children.

He has been teaching german (2010), english (2002) and spanish (2000) by applying own method successfully.

Since 2000 develops own method for teaching languages in 9 lessons of 3 hours or 27 lessons online of 45 min. A solution for business and travel.

In 2000 he founded a non profit organization dedicated to sustainable development. He designed a first immersion language training that year, and thought languages to volunteers.

Author of e-books in the field of languages education and pedagogy. He is also yoga, meditation teacher and martial arts trainer.

He has experience since 1986 in education of children, teenagers, professionals, corporate customers and travelers. He thought leadership, team building, communication, collaboration, self-management for business, anti burn out practices, business management and languages for travel and business. He developed a new method for education which focus on learning by doing and assisted self-education; he uses as business consultant and coach.

Education / Author

  • 1990 / 1991 Courses of grammar  Spanish.
  • 1994 Languages Grammar applied to software programming.
  • 1995 Course for authors.
  • 1995 Introduction to social  help for children. Catholic university.
  • 1994 – 2012 Courses in arts and music.
  • 1995 -1996 Seminar of Waldorf Pedagogy, and education for special children. For Christopherus Kindergarten.
  • 1998 -1999 Seminar, pedagogy for environmental education trainers of trainers. How to educated teachers at NGOs and Schools.
  • 2000 – 2011 develop own method of teaching, write own pedagogy method e-books; while providing languages training to travelers, children and corporative customers
  • 2004 – 2005 MIGRO School, Switzerland,  pedagogy for languages teachers and adults education.
  • 2008 – 2011 Berlitz training for language teachers.  Training in 2008. Continues teaching skills control by trainers advisor, while teaching corporative business customers.


  • 1986 -1999 Trainer, teen agers, leadership and team collaboration.
  • 1994 -1996 Moderator, university students, interdisciplinary collaboration and team building.
  • 1998 -2012 Trainer, communication, collaboration and team work. For business (corporate) cutovers and NGOs.
  • 2000 -2003 Languages education. Culture immersion training for volunteers in South America (Peru & Chile). For a NGO in Sustainable development.
  • 2003 – 2011 Manager and head trainer of a language education company in Switzerland and Germany. Services online, for corporate customers, travelers and children.
  • 2008 – 2011 Business language trainer, for corporate customers. by Berlitz.

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