Prime Technology, Prime Culture


Application on Culture

Application on Business

1.A.1 Research

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken private research on human factor and nature principles is based on the observation of organic sustainable development models, daily life human capacity of application of self-awareness, perception, decision making, emotional self-management, and of use of symbolic and emotion-based language for communication, collaboration and co-creation for the purpose of life, family, community and culture care, peace, sustainable development and heritage.

  • NSD 2000(Natural Self-Development) for business management ( Human Factor, Human Potential applied )
  • TIQ   2002(Totally Integrated Quality) Integral (Holistic) Perception applied for business management
  • EM   2007(Elements Management) Nature Principles applied for business analysis, strategy, decision making and development of a business/project
  • HS2011(Holistic Sustainability) Holistic perception applied to sustainable development and resilience
  • SAAP2012(Self-awareness applied) Emotional Self-Awareness applied for business management
  • GB2012(Ground Breaking) Symbolic Language applied for communication
  • PT2013(Prime Technology) Quantum Field of Consciousness, applied for business management
  • PL2015 (Prime Love) Love relationships as foundation for peace, culture, family and life care, heritage.
  • PP2015 (2013-2015) Prime Peace
  • PSU2014 (1972-2013-2015) Prime Self Union
  • PRIME TECH THETA (2015) Stages of development and integration of prime technology, prime tech standard and rank, quantification of the human value.

NOTE: The Bridge from Academic Studies into The Odin Theta Academy, Multidisciplinary Self-Study

Year 1997 i decided to dedicated my self to a research project i started in 1987, and for which i would have need a multidisciplinary academic education did not exist at that time. After 2 years search of alternatives in other countries, i decided to travel and dedicate my self to self education, in 18 fields of study necessary for the Primordial Technology know how i have developed since then. IN order to develop a new platform of knowledge i must isolate all i know of previous western easter influences and find a new core set of principles, apply them and develop tools for a new culture, technology, civilization. So i did, along 9 years i did “detox” from previous academic knowledge and explore in the essence of experience and natural rising of knowledge, as in the ancient greece, nordic and eastern schools of knowledge,  and since 2007 i started to write my e-books collection on Prime Culture & Prime Technology, Prime self Union. A Field of Knowledge, tools, applications, methods, based on nature principles, laws and human factor, developed since 1987. The test proof continued until 2012, then i have dedicated my self to the legacy project and organization, grounding and relocation process of the research projects, school and foundation that should care for it for future generations.

  • 1.A.2 DevelopmentLUIS created a series of tools, methods and practices, to be utilized for analysis, strategy, development and management.
    The application of these tools creates also a continues learning process and increase of self-awareness and nature principles/laws awareness.1.A.3 Application FieldsLUIS practices enhance individual performance with a direct influence on quality of life in the fields of family, community, culture & life care and heritage.1.A.4 ConclusionsLUIS body of work conclusions suggest human self-perception as one with nature, is key for the understanding on how collaboration with nature-active-principles within own life (body, relationships, community, species, culture, heritage) is extremely relevant for life and culture care as well as for heritage, despite individuals race, cultural background, lifestyle, gender, social status, religion; which will empower peace, respect of human rights and the development of a global culture.

    1.A.5 Users Conditions

    This particular knowledge is possible to be applied by users that are dedicated to the practice of continues self-awareness, consciousness expansion, capable to utilize more than one perception possibility (parallel perception and parallel process management), as well as to use emotions and feelings for decision making.
    The abilities described above can be developed, if not natural in individuals, through training, and only with individuals and communities consent, agreement, interest and self motivation.

    1.A.6 Human Factor & Life Care/Sustainability

    The integration of self-love, love, in the practice of prime technology is key as for the individual ability to identify own interests and preferences. The ability “to listen to own heart and follow own bliss” as reference for perception, preferences, choices and decision making need to be in harmony to human species mayor needs of survival, as for culture, life care and heritage; as well as for care of the planet and its species.

    1.A.7 Abilities

    The human abilities of love, self-love, self-honesty, transparency, respect for each other, care, ability to listen and to communicate and self express, to naturally understand nature life cycles are key and necessary, foundation for the application of the primordial technology know how.

    1.A.8 Development of Capacity & Skills

    The capacity and skills necessary for the study and application of prime technology (for business and organization management, community, family, self-management, as well as for sustainable development, culture and life care, heritage, peace and human rights), are developed through trainings and application, development of projects, self-study and self-experience.

    1.A.9 Method for self-study

    LUIS developed a method based on self-study, where individuals become responsible of own learning process. This method needs of cognitive, sensory and emotional experiences provided through practices, like dances, communication and interaction dynamics, creativity and improvisation, as well as from the application of systematic knowledge, principles and structures pre set as references for the learning process or application work. Mentoring, coaching and experiential trainings are given to students, as foundation necessary for their later self-study. ( learning by doing, learning by playing, direct and indirect learning modalities/strategies are applied along the training).

    1.A.10 2015 Conclusion & Development Stage

    After many years of research, development of tools, application on the field, and providing services in the fields of business management, languages education, arts and self-awareness, preventive health practices, family and relationship, community building, arts and culture, peace and human rights; LUIS arrived to the conclusion that there is only on field where human life and its nature as “nature” can be directly experienced by any individual of any culture, race, language or religion, which is the field of conscious sexuality, where most of individual perception, emotional and sensory ability, honesty, transparency, self love, self respect, life care, love ability,… can be self-observed, mirrored, therefor perception and behaviour patterns identified and by own choice transformed (through training or by will). Within the field of conscious sexuality (conscious love making and foreplay) individuals, couples, families, communities can learn from own experience and decide to enhance own “ability to love”.

    1.A.11 Development Stages

    The use of a set of references on personal development stages is necessary as for reaching a more enjoyable and fulfilling experience. LUIS coined several charts where key indicators, traits, that sign love-abilities and personal development, are described. Which make it possible to

    1.A.12 Benefits

    As simple as it is, the essential learning process associated to personal development will bring a direct enhancement of  individual daily life quality and professional life quality, with a direct benefit in community, state and culture.

    1.A.13 Arts & Culture

    In order to suggest these learning activities described above, LUIS would like to create artistic expressions that reflect these quality of experiences. As well, he would like to bring by knowledge and skills to new trainers, coaches, and consultants.

    1.A.14 Projects

    LUIS have designed strategy projects that would support students and users of primordial technology, as well as a learning program for interns, a private association of members dedicated to continues practice and several services and products dedicated to commercialization.

    1.A.15 Foundation

    LUIS wishes his know how to be shared with future generations through a foundation that will care for continues research, education programs and application projects.


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