1.B.7 Academic Studies & Certificates

  • Foundation in science diploma ( University Catholic Peru )
  • IT technical studies, Data base programmer ( Cybertech Technical University, Technical Institute of the University Catholic Peru)
  • Languages education ( Migro Adults School, Switzerland )
  • Adults education  ( Migro Adults School, Switzerland, APECO Environment Care Pedagogic Program for trainers )
  • Namikoshi shiatsu, ( Japanese Culture Association, Peru )
  • Reiki master level IV, ( Teachers from Germany, Switzerland, France and Norway )

NOTE: The Bridge from Academic Studies into The Odin Theta Academy, Multidisciplinary Self-Study

Year 1997 i decided to dedicated my self to a research project i started in 1987, and for which i would have need a multidisciplinary academic education did not exist at that time. After 2 years search of alternatives in other countries, i decided to travel and dedicate my self to self education, in 18 fields of study necessary for the Primordial Technology know how i have developed since then. IN order to develop a new platform of knowledge i must isolate all i know of previous western easter influences and find a new core set of principles, apply them and develop tools for a new culture, technology, civilization. So i did, along 9 years i did “detox” from previous academic knowledge and explore in the essence of experience and natural rising of knowledge, as in the ancient greece, nordic and eastern schools of knowledge,  and since 2007 i started to write my e-books collection on Prime Culture & Prime Technology, Prime self Union. A Field of Knowledge, tools, applications, methods, based on nature principles, laws and human factor, developed since 1987. The test proof continued until 2012, then i have dedicated my self to the legacy project and organization, grounding and relocation process of the research projects, school and foundation that should care for it for future generations.

 1.B.8 Self-Education

  • Business Management
  • Human Factor
  • Sustainable development & resilience
  • IT, Web based business development
  • Marketing, Sales
  • Consciousness, Awareness, Emotional self management
  • Martial arts, Yoga, Meditation
  • Preventive health practices, educations and arts
  • History, culture, peace and human rights
  • Language, perception, emotions and mythology

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