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LUIS, Lifestyle traveler

  • Traveler, author, meditative artist Yoga and meditation, meditative martial arts trainer Entrepreneur Peace activist
  • Now dedicated to development of projects on peace, family, culture, arts, nature and life care: heritage.
  • First trip in 1996, continue living abroad until now.Started traveling as a personal development trainer, later consultant and coach for responsible travel and tourism. Have run several projects while living abroad traveling.
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  • Home base: a location one stay for living, for some time, from where vacations, small trips or expeditions are set. Eventually a business register location
  • Base camp: A location prefered as temporrary base while already living abroad traveling,  from where to organize short or medium length trips, projects, adventures or expeditions.


Travel Time Line

  • 1972 Birth, Lima, Peru
  • 1975 As a “third culture kid”, lived abroad already at age of 3 (Austria, Europe)
  • 1977 Lived in Peru at more than one location, learned at young age to travel. (Lima, Santa)
  • 1996 Peru, Ecuador & Bolivia self-study on tourism and sustainable development project, volunteer.
  • 1997 Switzerland, home base, self-study project. (Basel, Lausanne)
  • 1998 Peru, several cities, tourism and sustainable development project.
  • 2002 Bolivia, Chile, tourism and sustainable development project. (Titicaca Lake)
  • 2002 Chile, home base, business project. (Pucon, Villa Rica)
  • 2003 Switzerland, home base, married(-2007), business projects (Winterthur) travel to several cities in Europe.
  • 2006 Travel to Italy, France and lived in Switzerland (Bern, Zurich)
  • 2007 Germany, base camp (Hessen)
  • 2008 Israel, research on Kibbutz status of development process (Tel Aviv, Jerusalem)
  • 2009 Austria, base camp since 2009 (Klagenfurt)
  • 2008 Germany, home base, married(-2012). (Hessen), travel to several cities in Europe.
  • 2012 Finland, base camp since 2012
  • 2013 Belgium, base camp since 2013, research on community living and personal development, KAP project ( Leuvain-le-Neuve )
  • 2014 Russia, base camp since 2014 (Black Sea, Volga)
  • 2015 Finland, home base
  • 2016 Netherlands, home base


VISA (Residence application, waiting for working permit periods, accumulated total by country)

  • 1997 Switzerland, 5 months
  • 2002 Chile, 9 months, Business residence application, business register, start up ( as the visa took too long, LUIS moved to Switzerland)
  • 2003 Switzerland, 9 months
  • 2007 Germany, 18 months (including 2012 visa on hold after divorce before business visa)
  • 2015 Finland, 6 months (since November 2014 – current date)

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